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Violence, crime or bullying


If the offender is someone you know, violence can sometimes be difficult to recognise. Emotional violence includes controlling behaviour, blackmail, name-calling, breaking things, isolating from others and threatening violence or suicide.

Physical violence includes hitting, shaking, kicking or pushing. Keeping a person awake, drugging them, restraining them and sexually abusing them are also considered physical violence.

If you experience violence, seek help in time. If you find it difficult to talk to your friends or family, you can contact social welfare or health care professionals, for example.


If you suspect you have become a victim of a crime, report the offence as soon as possible. If you are unable to act, you can ask a friend of a family member for support or receive professional help over the phone.

If the crime has resulted in injuries, seek medical attention. Assault and rape are subject to prosecution even if they take place at home or the offender is a family member.


Bullying can happen in day care, school, hobbies, the workplace or social media, for example. It can include name-calling, mockery, threats, unpleasant remarks or gestures, humiliation, discrimination, pushing or throwing things.

Spreading inappropriate pictures of a person, telling lies or sending offensive messages can also be considered bullying.

Bullying should always be addressed. At school, bullying should be reported to the parents and the teachers, even though it is not easy. Bullying at the workplace should be discussed with the supervisor, shop stewards and occupational health care services.

Everyone is responsible for stopping bullying, and situations involving bullying must always be addressed.



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